3. We will Never have been Postmodern

3.1 the sordid boon of freedom

“enormous leaps over the internal history of things” — to shrink extensions without a point — jargon automat or juggernaught a mort — or, “what constitutes bourgeois epistemology” — neo-neuro-neutro-platonism for nitwits — towards a definition of “by the fact, if fact it be, that” — or, how high must a Lacanian learn to count? — “What does the Joker want?”

3.2 “The spirit is a bone.”

to catch the conscience of the king — or, to search the eternal abyss like the blind seer, etc. — den Geist stunt-doubles blood stent Gestell — “It thinks rather badly, but it thinks steadily.” — present for all of us and closed to each of us — Zeit/Geist Boxring aus Knochen — An economist and a theologian walk into a punch line.

3.3 your knowledge of Jacques is always-

-already foreclosed

broken yolk, or broke-in yoke? — a pointed caption / opted into panic — “It’s full of stars!” — square in the spokes of the Joycean Machine — book-keeping is not literary criticism — like the doomed messenger of antiquity — “musicians without musical talent” — go fish and chips — or, 52 pickup and French fries

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