2. You can’t get Then from Here

2.1 dead reckoning

X markiert den Punkt — “the [impossible] subject supposed to know [nothing]” — wee dwarf thee mechanickall turk — boring systemic perambulators — how many fingers am I holding up? (and other patriotic gestures) — to proceed to the construction of a hypothesis — “Sun comes up, sun goes down.” — to precede the deconstruction of antithesis — empirical topography vs. formal topology — the last refuge of scoundrels — “my Black Box can beat up your Black Box” (a children’s game)

2.2 we used to think “we used to think”

are we T/Here yet? — perspectival shifts, esoteric and exoteric — absolute relativity ≠ relativist absolutism — you can’t get there from here; you have to go around — from Time-Warner Center to Timeworn Ur-Center — anamorphic anamneses — Barring, of course, double-talk. — “1 + 1 = 3 or more” — tempus locus hocus pocus — the vicious curvature of “the very closed circle” — or, going nowhere fast — de ludo globi

2.3 panopticonomata

“conceiving of oneself as the grasping of the not-I.” — the nonprinciple of insufficient unreason — a thing not identical with itself — mad nomad and monad man — A ≠ A — being is something put another way — A ≠ ¬(¬A) — “So much for this, sir: now shall you see the other” — wherever you go, there you aren’t — “I asked what, not how many.”

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