1. The Evolution will not be Relativized

1.1 “A thing is identical with itself.”

to identify Ralph with the man who mows the lawn — a question of discerning hitherto undiscovered meaning — “Truth is disquotation” is true if and only if truth is disquotation — insofar as “meta-” is the new “meta-” is the new “insofar as” — or, talking about talking about it — “Non uno vinculo vincit vinciens diversa.” — the whatness of what? — fallacious fideist falsificationism — ‘An act concerning free negroes, mulattoes, and slaves’ — like saying it refers to everything but has no meaning

1.2 of animals from the other pieces

Or again: “Every thing fits into its own shape.” — duck, duck, platypus — the most thinkable one who thinks-about-thinking — “the topology of a four-corners game” — publish XNOR perish — “You have forgotten what you are.” — the snape and quale hunt — role to fill or folderol — vestigial vincula versus viviparous vicissitudes — Iconic, Indexical, Symbolic; Umbral, Vestigial, Ideal — idiot-box channel-surfing boob-tube merry-go-round

1.3 predesterminationisms

“Time takes all and gives all.” — two cleaver by haft — three-card monte vs. the shell game — or, the principium and the pea — is knot / is not — Symbolic, Real, Imaginary — “a triplicity taken as a quadruplicity” — wants that may strike instrument — what’s black and white and red all over? — fallibilism/fideism redux — I know you are but what am I? — “You cannot knit a sweater out of smoke.”

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