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There’s a sucker born every minute.

                         P. T. Barnum? … or,

                         Joseph Bessimer? … or,

                         David Hannum? … or,

                         Michael McDonald? … or,

                         ‘Mark Twain’? … aka

                         Samuel Clemens? … or,

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2.4 Armani (s)Ex­-change, or, ‘retail therapy’ as symptom

I will now place myself under the auspices of he who sometimes dons the philosopher’s garb, who—ambiguously—is more often to be sought in the comedian’s banter, but who is always encountered in the politician’s secretive action: the good logician, odious to the world.”—Jacques Lacan (1945), patron saint of wiseacres, at least necessary and at last sufficient to the antipantheon debarked from Elea unto perpetual defiles. Your Humble Narrator, meanwhile, took the above photo at a retail point­-of-purchase in NYC, thus ‘appropriating’ this commercial image (and others herein) for purposes of sociopolitical critique: this proviso is his assertion of journalistic ‘fair use’ rights. He speaks in the third person here to underline the subject positions interposed between his authorial enunciation, three re-captured parties to a perverse triangular gaze vector, their points of insertion and anchor to your phantasmic ground, and your reflexively alienated identification of said figures with your semblables, the ‘alter­-egos’ that (sub-/pre-/non-/un-)consciously undergird your polymorphously perverse po-mo phantasy.

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