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If you study the heuristics and logistics of the mystics

you will find that their minds rarely move in a line

So it’s much more realistic to abandon such valistics

and resign to be trapped on a leaf in the vine

                                           —(Brian) Eno

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1.9  Trans­-Notation Ills? Stall Notions in Art.

 While recourse to ’70s glam lyrics may be an oblique strategy, Eno tuned Before and After Science on key notes—for Descartes, Newton et al. turned the ‘Age of Reason’ on just such study. While Leibniz capitalized on our “propensity to believe that marvels can be discovered by means of numbers, characters, and a certain new language, which some [namely, Dante] called Adamic, [and] Böhme called the Natursprache”, we stand to gain only from “the mystics” who discerned formal logistics from empirical heuristics in order to reciprocate the discrete strengths of each upon each. We net less from recourse to Böhme or Dante than Bruno and Lull, who in the “first realization of ‘field semantics’”, as Wolfgang Wildgen (1998) notes, “did not stop at the static idea of a (circular) field of concepts: he proposed a combinatory mechanism which may have been motivated by the ‘machinery’ of medieval syllogistics, but which contained a new mathematical impulse which allowed the later development of computing machines by Leibniz, Pascal, and others.

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