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There is no error which does not present and promulgate itself as truth.

                                           —Jacques Lacan

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1.8  Like headless chickens armed with sharp knives

 Before you “take a position on a disputed topic, do you know “where you stand” on key points? Speech is territorial; social relations are spatial relations. Where did you pick up that line of thought and where are you going with it? Where do ideologies come from? To dis­-pose im­-positions you must ex­-pose their pre­-sup-positions. Logics switch the blade with which language and mathematics carve each other up at the joints and get hip to ankle bones from which we articulate the dancing marionettes of science, philosophy and theology. A little goes a long way, and a lot goes absolutely nowhere. Should you wish to disarticulate (dismember?) a body of argument with which you may disagree, you must make a few choice cuts. This preliminary survey should help direct your meat cleaver toward the finer points—for only by reducing an argument to the axioms presupposed by its criteria may you judge its degree of accord with your beliefs; if you cannot, you will find that either it is internally inconsistent or you have poorly placed your cuts. 

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