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We are suspended in language in such a way that we cannot say what is up and what is down.

                                            —Neils Bohr

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1.7  A brand’s Brand for a man’s Man

 The Archemind logo restyles an alchemy glyph once applied to amalgamation; in keeping, it recaps the evolution of the grapheme from preliterate pictogram to logical nota: the Proto­-Canaanite alepox’ turned 90º to the Hebrew aleph, plus 90º to the Greek alpha—our A; Bertrand Russell flipped it back over to quantify “for all” categorical predicates—for all unicorns have one horn; the bare­-bones conjunction and disjunction marks collate truth values among, e.g., predicative sets; the conjunction glyph, an upper­-case Greek lambda, was used by Einstein to notate his “Universal­ Constant”—which, alas, is neither universal nor constant. The Archemind mark is a taxonomic, or ontologicalladder’: pointed upward, we stratify hierarchies by recursive conjunctions; thus, pointed downward, we stratify by disjunctions. At Archemind, our primary research consists in measuring the lexico­-semantic associativity of user bases per distribution; our secondary research consists in parsing published theory and data for fallacy and bias. While Oxen Herders may hold episteme and techné as “Secret Knowledge,” we do not. 

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