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fig.49—Platonist Ping­-Pong meets Po-Mo Lingo Bingo

 Third: given the wealth of evidence, our warrantable assertions can be “re­-dis-covered” all the way back to Plato’s anamnesis—the ‘unforgetting’ of our evolutionarily inherited knowledge—but only if we can discern a Platonic model of manifest mathematics from the Pythagorean myth of ephemeral numbers. As Alain Badiou notes in 2005, “the ‘independent existence’ of mathematical structures is entirely relative for Plato. [per anamnesis,] thought is never confronted with ‘objectivities’ from which it is supposedly separated.” Thus, in fig.49 we site the philosophic­-cum­-bioevolutionary problematic of discovery vs. invention with a standard linguistics dichotomy, that competence (what you) re­-turns performance (can do) by recursion. To sew it up, per Badiou, “mathematics [...] regards the distinction between a knowing subject and a known object as devoid of pertinence. There is a co­-ordinated movement of thought, co­-extensive with being, that Plato called Idea [in which] discovery and invention are strictly indiscernible—just like the idea and its ideatum.”

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 To thoroughly demystify this topic, we shall return in chapter 3; meanwhile, mark this—a brand is a brand, so if you are not reading them, they are writing you. 1. P­-Gmc., also Turkic rune, cf. Lydian, cf. >60,000­-year-old pictogram for hand, antlers, solo figure with arms raised, female pubic cleft; turn it upside­-down into 2. thus: they’re dead! or, straighten the arms into 3. an anthropoid cross; 4. stake it on a globe to “Crusade” for world domination—not, in our estimation, the Christian imperative; 5. appears wherever humans weave (e.g., baskets); as Bruno figured out (avant Shepard et al.), rotationally symmetric figures can invoke hypnosis even when static; 6. search: “Pythagoras + Donald Duck”; 7. adorned various temples prior to state appropriation by Israel: indexes biomorphy as up = male, down = female; 8. Hindu Yantra extends biomorphic index: male = unity (cf. delta), female = multiplicity (tongue + pubis); 9. adorned Sumerian and Greek temples prior to state appropriation by, e.g., the Republic of Turkey—which owes its Nationhood to the radical secularization program forced by Kemal Ataturk. Google it... or don’t! —but then, what brand of _____are you, exactly?

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