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Life is agid, life is fulgid.

Life is a burgeoning, a

quickening of the dim primordial

urge in the murky wastes

of time. Life is what the

least of us make most of

us feel the least of us

make the most of.

 —Willard Van Orman Quine

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1.3  Information is Power; Time is Money; Freedom is Slavery

“[T]he proper correction to apply to the amount of information transmitted is the amount of this information which is missing in the received signal, or alternatively the uncertainty when we have received a signal of what was actually sent.”—C.E. Shannon, 1948

 People are fundamentally social animals; we communicate in every mode by every means across all available channels. From linguistics to logistics to literary theory, communication is studied via systematic inquiry into systemic oppositions. Popular terms for interdisciplinary studies include Complexity Science, while academics gravitate towards jargon like Dynamical Systems Theory. Every system is a complex whole made up of simpler parts, as governed by variables and invariant constraints. By carving up an apparently complex system ‘at the joints’ Mind Models can help you locate the principles by which parts cooperate within a whole, and the principles by which wholes operates within a world.

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