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fig.12—Measured Metaterms Mediate Manifold Meanings

  Having derived ‘positive’ terms from Latin posse ‘be able’, we posit all possible positions; once posed, we oppose impossible presuppositions with opposite oppositions. What to do? Rational adults mediate conflict through dialectical discourse—or, plainly put: dialogue. Words convey meaning through repetition of conditional differences: many academic demarcations—such as | mythology | anthropology | sociology | economics—are inscribed vertically by lexical (and grammatical) semantics, then enforced by polemic (antagonistic rhetoric). Mind Models cut horizontally to slice opaque, specialized jargon into transparent, generalized vocabulary. In order to translate obscure verbal patterns into familiar visual patterns, Mind Models apply the same formal relations and color codes to every kind of position, opposition and mediation. As in the Contrary Columns of figs.12­-13, wherever you place, select, or exchange your currently selected term appears in a solid color block; every position in a Mind Model is (so to speak) positive ‘in and of’ itself.

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fig.13—wherever you go, there you are.

 Medial Metaterms appear in medium shaded colors. Contrary terms are often mediated differently by different parts of speech, as with the very term opposite—rather than pairing the cognate nouns and verbs, we tend to counter positive with negative. Each antonym, contradiction, contrary, negation, exclusion or other opposition in a Mind Model appears opposite your current term in colored outline. When a position meets an opposition they can often but not always be mediated, sublated or reconciled by mediation. As in word, so in deed: Once Upon a Time, William James moved from physiology to philosophy to psychology; Sigmund Freud, from neurology to psychoanalysis; Karl Jaspers, from psychiatry to philosophy and theology. Modern academic demarcations follow less from rigor in theory or praxis than from economics. Why? Every penny descends through a  hierarchy; to reenforce undecidable boundaries, non­-scientific “turf wars” are driven not for the advance of organic knowledge, but by internecine competition for grant monies and market share.

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